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A blog about innovation methods and communication? Why?

Updated: Apr 23

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The Innonaut - enthusiasm for innovations*

Die Innonautin - Why did I start blogging about innovation and communication? What is my motivation?

I have often experienced the situation that I hear a lecture but don't know what the lecturer is actually telling at until the end. A lot of powerpoint charts are shown, but I keep wonderingabout the message behind. Or it's about the situation that I should be convinced, e.g. of an idea for a solution in a project. But the speaker's reasoning completely misses me. I can't identify with the arguments and don't feel addressed at all.

What a waste of time and energy! What a pity it is about the passion brought in for a topic when it fizzles out like that!

In my opinion many lectures, discussions, negotiations, texts, ..., could be more impressive and inspiring if a few rules are observed:

  • Always ask yourself at the beginning: Who is my target group? What is important to my target group?

  • Build your argument according to your target audience. Start with the essentials. Proceed as you resolve that need, that pain point. Then with what advantage your target group has with your solution. And explain what could happen if other solutions (which are not so good) are chosen or if nothing is done.

  • Use one or a few of the creativity techniques from innovation management to find and sharpen your message.

But how does it work? Are there any tips and tricks? Which innovation methods fit which goal? What is good communication? What is innovation? How do I sharpen my message? What does idea management mean? How do I get good ideas? How do I recognize my target group?

I deal with these questions in this blog. So that I can inspire other people - maybe you - with my knowledge and my enthusiasm for these topics.

Please note: This text is translated into English by using Google Translate - I apologize for any mistakes in this text I may have overlooked.

*Source: Sergey Nivens | | #209453548



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